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Toronto Wedding Photographers & Videographers

We are a Toronto wedding photography collective that creates a visual narrative — to immortalize the beginning of your Happily Ever After.

Here at Je T'aime we bring a new level of grace to Toronto wedding photography. Our photographers have a 'barely there,' behind-the-scenes approach that captures the true story of your special day — the moments, not just pictures.

What is our wedding photography style?

We do beauty, not cheesy; stolen moments, not posed. For our wedding photography we leverage a photojournalistic style to capture every element of the story you've created — from the French lace on your gown to the ring clutched in the groomsman's hand.

Our wedding photography philosophy is to create a living moment in time that lasts forever... an in-the-moment story to share with your children, grandchildren and generations to come.

Why do we feel so strongly about wedding photography? Because we know that the only thing that lasts beyond the wedding — other than your love — is the story.

Our photographers

Our principal Toronto wedding photographers are not only experienced, but share a tremendous passion for wedding photography outside of all other facets of the photography industry.

What sets us apart from every other wedding photographer in Toronto is our unique method of pairing you with the most suitable photographer to capture your moments.

Just like the wedding you’ve been carefully crafting for months on end, we are not “one size fits all.” The details matter to you – from the flowers and table settings to the best Toronto wedding vendors you’ve chosen – and they matter to our photographers.

Feel free to get to know our photographers on the About Us page.

What's next?

The proof is in the pudding — take a look at our Gallery, then, check out some of our articles.

When you're ready — give us a ring!

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