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Say Cheese! Tips For Group Photos On Your Wedding Day

June 24, 2014

Category: Photography Styles

Many photographers have a more photojournalistic style, meaning they catch it as it happens – chance glances, spontaneous moments, the whole story. The focus here is that very few if any of these photos are posed. Toronto-Wedding-Photographer-Group-Photo

However, many couples still request a few group photos, and most photographers are more than happy to accommodate this request. But group photos require a little extra attention to make sure they go smoothly!

Tips for group photos:

Make sure more than one photo is taken.

Everyone is in a rush, but you’ll never have the opportunity to take these photos again. Make sure that every group has at least a few photos taken so that you’ll have plenty to choose from later.

But make sure it’s not too many.

Yes, you want to get the right photo. But it’s already been a long day and it’s about to get longer. Guests are usually anxious to get to the reception and don’t feel like standing around too long, so make sure you’re able to wrap up in a decent amount of time.

Make a list.

Last but certainly not least, make sure that you’ve made a list of the pictures you want taken. For example: a photo of the wedding party, a photo of the bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, siblings, best friends, etc. Ensure the people on those lists knows that they’re on the list so you’re not looking for someone last minute, wasting your wedding day and precious daylight!

Have fun!

Just because it’s a group photo doesn’t mean it has to be stoic and posed where everyone has a half-smile. You’ve got plenty of time before your wedding, so come up with some fun and creative poses for your guests. Jump in the air, lay on the ground, run from an imaginary T-rex (to be added in later!), or anything else, to your heart’s content!

Are You Considering Getting A Wedding Video?

June 20, 2014

Category: Wedding Videography

Wedding videos are becoming more and more popular among couples who are getting married, moreso than ever before. In fact, many couples are beginning to consider a wedding video as much of a “must have” part of their package as the photos themselves. And really, who can blame them. Facebook and Youtube provide the perfect ways to share a video with family, friends and wedding guests!

Lopez Wedding from Robert Van Rhijn on Vimeo.

Today’s wedding videos are much different than the wedding videos we grew up watching. Today, they’re usually short, craftily edited three to five minute highlight reels of your big day.

A few years ago, a major survey of recently married brides revealed that their biggest regret in the aftermath of their wedding was not having a videographer.

The skillful editing will usually tell a story, from the bride getting ready to the reception and everything in between and more. If you remember older wedding videos you’ve seen, they may encompass the bride walking down the aisle, a snippet of cake cutting, the first dance, and a little more set to some cheesy music with even cheesier effects. If that’s what you’re expecting, you’ll be blown away by what the newer trends in wedding videography are today.

Regardless of how you perceive wedding videos, it’s almost guaranteed that you  would appreciate being able to hear those vows, seeing the expressions on people’s faces, and actually witnessing the first dance. Imagine being able to give that opportunity to your kids, or your grandkids.

When choosing a wedding videographer, ensure that you’re familiar with their work and that they have a significant amount of reels available to show you. Just like you wouldn’t hire a photographer without checking out their work, the same precautions should be taken when looking at hiring a videographer.

If you’re interested in what a wedding video created by a skilled videographer can look like, check out our own videographer Tom’s wedding film reels.



Toronto Wedding Photographer Checklist

June 13, 2014

Category: Hiring A Wedding Photographer > Professional Wedding Photography

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer for an upcoming wedding, you may be facing a number of different choices and aren’t quite sure how to narrow them down. We’ve compiled a checklist that you can go over with each wedding photographer to determine if they’re right for you: Toronto-Wedding-Photographer-Checklist

Your personal requirements

1. Is your wedding photographer willing to listen to and accommodate special requirements? For example, your parents may be divorced and you’d like separate photos with both sides or they don’t want to be in the same picture with each other.

Wedding photographer pricing

2. Is the wedding photographer pricing clear?

3. Does the wedding photographer list their pricing in dollars, not in some kind of hard-to-add-up credit system?

4. Are you able to determine exactly how much you’ll be spending before the wedding (deposits), during the wedding (usually the rest of the fee) and after the wedding (for products such as prints or albums)?

Wedding photographer qualifications

5. Has the wedding photographer been to or are they familiar with the venue you’ve chosen? Understanding the layout of a venue in advance can be helpful.

6. Is the wedding photographer a full-time wedding photographer, or do they only do wedding photography as a part time job?

7. Does the wedding photographer have a contract in place? Any photographer who shoots weddings needs to have a contract, and if they don’t require you to sign one it can be a very big red flag.

This list isn’t definitive – but it provides you with a good checklist of things that you need to be on the lookout for when choosing a photographer for your wedding, and it can help you narrow down your list of options if you’ve found quite a few photographers that seem to be a good fit. Take your time and don’t settle!


A Big List Of Wedding Themes

June 6, 2014

Category: Planning A Wedding

According to a recent NPR article, themed weddings are on the rise. Whether it be a fantasy theme (like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones), a gaming theme, a super hero theme, a royal wedding theme or a science-fiction theme, lots of couples are looking to incorporate their passions (sometimes, the very passions that brought them together in the first place) into their big day. Je-Taime-List-Of-Wedding-Themes

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your dream theme wedding, here are a few great links to get you started!

20 Super Geeky Weddings

17 Unique Wedding Themes

Game of Thrones Wedding Inspiration

Lord of the Rings Wedding Inspiration

Super Hero Themed Wedding Ideas

Are the above wedding themes too extreme? If you’re looking for a less outrageous but still creative and unique theme to tie your wedding together, check out these lists:

50 Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding Reception Themes

10 Wedding Themes

Wedding Photos By Style

Not quite ready to commit to a theme, but looking for a few ideas to spruce up your wedding day? Check these out:

31 Fun Wedding Ideas

23 Unconventional But Awesome Wedding Ideas

Have a favourite? Let us know!



Toronto Wedding Photographer FAQs

May 31, 2014

Category: Hiring A Wedding Photographer > Wedding Videography

If you asked most brides who are currently in the process of planning a wedding to pick a word to describe how they’re feeling, the majority of them would pick “overwhelmed”, without a doubt. It’s not uncommon for brides to feel a significant amount of stress when they’re in the midst of planning a huge event, even if they have help. Je Taime Wedding Photography Toronto FAQ

Because there is so much to consider, we’ve compiled a list of common questions or concerns relating to hiring or working with a wedding photographer to make things a little bit easier!

Why should I hire a wedding photographer if my Aunt/Uncle/cousin/other family member has a great camera?

While mostly anyone can work a camera, a particular skillset as well as amount of experience and knowledge are required to photograph a wedding. There may be unexpected surprises that arise during the course of the wedding that will need to be dealt with by a professional, and your relatives should be free to enjoy the day without having to worry.

Should we sign a contract with a wedding photographer?

This isn’t just a yes you “should” question, it’s a yes, you must! The contract is in place as much to protect the photographer as it is for the client, so a photographer without a contract is definitely one that should be avoided at all costs.

Should I consider getting a wedding video?

When most people think of a wedding video, they unfortunately think of the older wedding videos from relatives’ weddings they’ve been forced to sit through. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Imagine a wedding video that’s beautifully cinematic and is only about three to five minutes in length – highlights that are perfect for sharing online and something your friends and family will actually want to watch! A wedding video can be a perfect compliment to your wedding photography package.

When should I book my photographer?

The short answer is, as soon as possible! Especially if you are having a destination wedding and your photographer will have to travel. Photographers can book up very fast, and you want to ensure you can “secure” the photographer you want on your wedding date, seeing as the date itself isn’t something that can often be changed. Make sure you book your photographer as soon as you know your date so you won’t be disappointed. After all, it’s just one more thing that you can get out of the way!

What Is Photojournalistic Wedding Photography?

May 23, 2014

Category: Hiring A Wedding Photographer > Photography Styles

In your quest to find the perfect photographer for your wedding, you may come across the fact that many photographers employ different styles or techniques in their work.Je T'aime Wedding  Photographer Photojournalistic Styles

In fact, the only reason that the more traditional wedding shots featuring carefully posed couples or wedding parties became the norm was because early cameras were not as portable as they are today. Early on, it was difficult to take a high quality photo without carefully controlling the environment because of how bulky the equipment was. And despite the advent of smaller and easier-to-use cameras, roll film, smaller flashes and even more advanced equipment in the digital camera age, the tradition of having these very staged-looking shots stayed put.

The evolution of the photojournalistic wedding photo

Photojournalistic styles of photography became more and more popular as military photographers began seeking employment in other areas after the second World War. Many of these photographers found employment as members of the press, and the growth of media attention towards celebrity and royal weddings allowed couples to see a new type of wedding emerge: candid, unrehearsed and “real” moments. This type of style doesn’t just extend to the photos of the couple, but in capturing other moments such as the bride getting ready, the look on the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle, the first dance, glances among guests, the flowers and more.

The photojournalistic style of wedding photography is growing in popularity as couples begin to understand more and more that their big day is often such a blur, and they’ll want to remember the little things just as much as those big moments.

Chemistry between a photojournalistic photographer and the subject

However, just because the photojournalistic style isn’t posed, that doesn’t mean it’s not professional. A professional wedding photographer well-versed in photojournalistic style approaches the event in a certain way, ensuring that the end result collection of photographs tell a story.

When you’re choosing a wedding photographer, it’s extremely important to make sure that the style of photography you’re looking for as a couple or a client is something that the wedding photographer can offer you. They should always have examples of their work at the ready and be willing to discuss how they’ll be approaching your wedding with you. Chemistry is key!

What Is Wedding Insurance?

May 16, 2014

Category: Wedding Venues

Have you ever heard of wedding insurance? According to a new article in Forbes, the number of couples who are insuring their weddings is on the rise. The article says that wedding insurance policy sales have increased by 60 per cent since 2007.


Brides are always worried about something – anything – going wrong on or before the big day. What if disaster strikes and your chosen – and paid for – venue is no longer available? What if the caterer takes ill, and there’s no food for the wedding? What if – and it’s a pretty big if – something happens to your wedding dress just before the event?

Wedding insurance is meant to cover you in case of such unlikely, but worrisome events.

It might sound silly, but consider how much the average wedding costs, and how many people are involved. Almost all venues have contracts that can make it difficult to get your money back, even if they’ve done something wrong. However, some venues ask that you take out wedding insurance and show proof of this before signing.

Wedding insurance plans cover liabilities including bodily industry by venues, cancellation due to illness or if the venue is destroyed, or loss of deposits if the vendor goes out of business.

One bride quoted in the article said that she was concerned about a family member dying before the wedding, and insurance would let her reschedule her wedding at an extremely low cost. Another situation had a couple taking out wedding insurance because they were having a winter wedding, and their family from out of town may have been delayed by a storm so they’d have to postpone.

Some people can get wedding insurance through their home insurance, while venues offer their own forms of wedding insurance. In addition, other vendors already have their own insurance and don’t require you to take out any extra.

What do you think? Would you take out wedding insurance?



Top Four Free Online Wedding Planners

May 9, 2014

Category: Planning A Wedding > Wedding on a Budget

Gone are the days when a bride needed a gigantic colour-coded binder and an even bigger pile of bridal magazines to cut and paste ideas from when planning their perfect dream wedding.

Now, brides have access to many different websites from which they can not only gather inspiration, but organize it on their computers or tablets. They can also use some of these great sites to plan their budgets, guest lists and seating arrangements. The best part is, they don’t cost anything to use!

Wedding budget planning spreadsheets available from

Wedding budget planning spreadsheets available from

We’ve compiled four of our favourite free online wedding planners to help brides take a breather and enjoy their wedding planning process instead of feeling overwhelmed and left finding magazine scraps embedded in their furniture and carpets for years to come. is one of the most popular free online wedding planning resources. It has plenty of interactive tools that allow you to search for and save any wedding ideas including dresses, themes, décor and even a wedding seating planner that allows you to drag and drop your seating chart. has some of the best spreadsheets and organizational tools for when it comes to dealing with your wedding budget. You can compare your own spending with industry averages and categorize each of your expense. You can also break down your total expenses per guest and look at real wedding photos for inspiration. is a site that allows you to collect all of the inspiration you can find for your dream wedding while keeping it organized. It also allows you to set up your own wedding website to keep track of guests, registries, photos and RSVPs.

Canada Wedding Business is a Canada-based website for Canadian Brides. One of the best areas of this website is their list of wedding planning worksheets, including a wedding budget worksheet, a wedding planning schedule checklist, a printable wedding day agenda, gift tracking worksheets and much, much more. The site also has information on how the bride can change her last name (should she decide to) that mentions the Canadian-specific identification she will need.


What’s the easiest way to plan a wedding?

April 25, 2014

Category: Planning A Wedding

A survey by Mashable has found that social media is beginning to play an important part in how people plan their weddings, particularly Facebook and Pinterest.

Photo from Mashable.

Photo from Mashable.

  • Some highlights of the survey include:
  • 8% of brides update their Facebook status to “engaged” within minutes of getting engaged
  • 31% update their status to “engaged” only hours after getting engaged
  • One-quarter wait until the next day to update their status.
  • 77% become fans of wedding brands on Facebook
  • 79% follow wedding websites and blogs (compared to 78% who buy wedding magazines)
  • Two-in-five brides use Pinterest to show vendors what they like
  • More than half of brides posted progress updates on Facebook or Twitter
  • 62% say they don’t mind that their friends and family post photos from the wedding straight to Facebook
  • One-third of brides are likely to set up a Facebook event for their Bachelorette Party.
  • Almost half (47%) use wedding planning apps for wedding ideas and inspiration

One can only imagine how much more prevalent wedding planning will be as social media use increases in the future!

Both Pinterest and Facebook can be tremendous assets when it comes to planning your wedding.

There’s no easier way to visually compile your wedding inspiration in one place when it comes to Pinterest, and Facebook can provide you with a lot of valuable information when it comes to the brands or vendors you interact with before your wedding.

Check out the results of the survey here.

What kinds of apps or social media sites are you using to plan your own wedding?


3 Ways To Lower Your Wedding Costs

April 18, 2014

Category: Wedding on a Budget

A new survey from The Knot has found that the average cost of a wedding has reached about $30,000. That’s a lot of money – about a sizeable down payment on a home in Toronto. But there’s no reason a wedding has to cost this much, and in fact – there are a lot of things you can do to trim your wedding budget, including:


Few frills. You need to have a wedding venue. But you don’t need the million little things that stress out brides everywhere during wedding planning – center pieces, party favours, invitations, place cards, etc. If you’re crafty, you can actually make a lot of these yourself (Michael’s, the craft store, has an entire wedding section just for this) or you can decide if you’d rather just go without.

Go off-season. Venue prices are highest during peak season, which is from May to October. You will likely be able to find much lower prices on venues and even some wedding vendors when booking a wedding for the winter months.

Shorten the guest list. There’s no perfect number of wedding guests. Some people invite everyone they know, but you don’t have to. If you have a relative pushing you to invite their friends or people you’re not really close with, take a stand.

Don’t buy your dress. Rent your dress – you’re not going to wear it ever again, and you’re going to have plenty of pictures of yourself looking beautiful in it anyway. There are plenty of places that will allow you to rent a dress, and you still get to have all of the fun of trying on dresses and finding “the” dress without actually paying for it.

Remember, no matter how much time and planning goes into your wedding, the day will always be a blur. It’s just such a packed, whirlwind of a day. As such, there are a few major components of your wedding that you don’t want to skimp on, including photography. If you have budget concerns, speak to your photography studio and let them work with you to help choose the best package that works for you, your budget, and lets you remember your wedding day for the rest of your life.

How Many Weddings Will You Be Attending This Year?

April 10, 2014

Category: Wedding Etiquette

Wedding season is fast approaching, which means that many of you will be attending at least one (maybe more!) wedding in the next few months. Now, we love weddings. And so do most wedding guests. However, when you’re attending several weddings in the span of a year the costs can add up and celebrating the unions of close friends or family can start to feel like a burden.

Wedding Gifts On A Budget

According to a recent survey by TD Canada Trust, 40 per cent of Canadians will be attending at least one wedding in 2014, while almost 15 per cent of those attendees will be a member of the wedding party.

The approximate cost of attending a wedding as a guest can be anywhere from $100 to $500 if you consider transportation and a gift. However, if you’re a member of a wedding party, you could be spending as much as or more than $1,000.

These costs paired with a social obligation can lead to significant anxiety.

If you need to save, the best idea is to start saving as soon as possible – even a little bit each week can make a huge difference, rather than scrambling to cover the costs just as the wedding approaches.

But what about the wedding gift? According to Louise Fox, an etiquette expert brought in for the TD Canada Trust survey, “There is no general rule around what one should spend on a gift, so there shouldn’t be any pressure to spend more than you can afford. You may be inclined to spend more on a close friend of relative than on a couple you’ve only known a short time, but it is up to the guest to determine what is appropriate based on the nature of the relationship,” she says.

“Remember that this special say is to celebrate the union and future life together of the couple and the gift is an expression of a guest’s best wishes for them.”

According to the survey, 17 per cent of those who have declined a wedding invitation did so because they didn’t think they could afford to attend.

Remember – a wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion! There’s no reason to feel overly bad about declining an invitation, so long as you do it far ahead of time.

How many weddings are you going to this year?

Spring Engagement Photo Ideas

April 3, 2014

Category: Blog

Keeping a seasonal theme to your engagement photos is a great idea – and what better season than spring? Everything’s coming alive and it’s almost as if the world’s colour is coming back to its face after a tiresome, draining and grey winter.


The sun will soon be out on a full-time basis, the grass will be green and all of the spring flowers will be in bloom.

The perfect spring engagement photos are all about taking advantage of everything that makes spring special and not missing a moment!

For example:

The cherry blossoms in High Park make for absolutely beautiful engagement photos, but they only bloom for about a week in early April. To keep track of when the soft pink blossoms will be in full swing this year, check out the High Park website.

For more varied and colourful florals, visit the Toronto Botanical Garden. For a permit (it costs $275) you can have your engagement shoot at the garden and take advantage of over 15 individual landscaped garden spaces.

The fact that it’s almost spring also means that the snow along the lakeshore will soon be gone. It’s not time to lay down a towel and catch tan quite yet, but that means that the lakeshore is not being plagued with beach-goers or tourists. You’re much more likely to enjoy a calm, scenic and gorgeous backdrop for your engagement photos along Lake Ontario in the spring, rather than waiting until the summer.

But you might be looking for something outside of just amazing naturalistic scenery. There are plenty of other places in Toronto that are just warming up for spring and offer a perfect location to take your photos.

Check out the list here.

If you’re wondering what to wear during your engagement shoot, you can check out Pantone’s 2014 Spring Colour report, which lists the hottest colours of the season. The colours are bold and soft at the same time, and when worn during your engagement shoot will provide fantastic accents against the colours normally associated with spring.


4 MORE Things to Know About Hiring A Wedding Photographer

March 26, 2014

Category: Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer is a big decision – and we’re grateful you’re here at Je T’aime. Most people have never hired a wedding photographer before, and will probably only do it once. Here are a few more things you should know before you make the jump:


Editing takes time.

When you book a wedding photographer, you’re paying for their time and expertise. In most cases, the price of a wedding photographer package seems to be pretty hefty for a day’s work. But that’s just it – a wedding photographer puts in much more than a day on your wedding photos. While you’re off on your honeymoon and in general newly wedded bliss, the photographer is hard at work spending hours, days and even weeks preparing the final product.

While refining the final product does take a significant amount of time, you should always expect that your photographer will be able to give you a definitive timeline as to when your photos (and video, if that’s the case!) will be ready.

They should be willing to work with you.  

One of the most important parts of choosing your wedding photographer – believe it or not – is determining whether your personalities are compatible. If you don’t like your wedding photographer, you’re probably not going to have a great time because when creative egos and stressful events like planning a wedding clash, it can make everything more difficult.

Great wedding photographers should be willing to work with you and not let any egos get in the way of a productive partnership. Make sure you know how you feel about your wedding photographer before you book them, and trust your instincts.

There are pro wedding photographers and there are amateurs.

There are many different kinds of wedding photographers. There are photographers who are just getting into the wedding business, or are “feeling it out” so to say. There are also photographers who have full-time jobs in other industries, and instead do photography for weddings on a more part-time basis.

These types of photographers can be tremendously talented, but they may not be the best fit for your wedding. Some photographers have a lot of wedding photography experience, others only have a little. Don’t hesitate to ask the photographer the tough questions about how much wedding photography experience they have before hiring them.

Photographers can have different styles.

Just like there a lot of different types of photographers, each of these photographers can have a different style. If you’ve got something specific in mind for your wedding, don’t be afraid to speak up! It’s important that your wedding photos offer the perfect way to relive the day that went by in such a blur.

Missed Je T’aime’s first post on what you should know before hiring a wedding photographer? Check out the first four things you need to know about hiring a wedding photographer here.

H&M Launches New $99 Wedding Dress

March 20, 2014

Category: Wedding Dresses

If there’s one thing wedding dresses usually have in common – no matter what the style, designer or shade of white – they’re pretty expensive.

Screenshot 2014-03-20 16.56.28

Yes, there’s a lot of work that goes into designing and making a wedding dress, but in the end that dress is only going to be worn for one day.

But clothing retailer H&M has just launched a wedding dress that is going to sell for only $99 in the United States, and $129 in Canada. As the Washington Post article on the subject points out, most people can’t even find a bridesmaid dress for that price.

With most wedding dresses retailing for thousands of dollars, it just seems to be that, that’s the way it is and was always going to be – until now. Whether they associate the high price with status or being worthwhile for a special occasion, many brides end up justifying the cost of a wedding dress.

H&M may have turned the wedding dress industry on its head by offering a beautiful wedding gown at a completely sensible and adorable price – this will be very interesting to watch!

What do you think about H&M’s bold move?


Meet Je T’aime’s Resident Wedding Videographer, Tom

March 12, 2014

Category: Wedding Videography

When brides are asked what the one thing they missed or regretted about planning their wedding, not having a video of their wedding is the most common response. In fact, almost every survey of recent brides and bridal magazine has a mention of how much brides regret not hiring a videographer to spare future brides from overlooking one of the most vital ways of remembering your wedding.

Why choose a videographer at your wedding?

A videographer can add a whole new dimension to your wedding memories that will last for years to come. What the vows sounded like, the toasts and what was said, the songs that were popular, watching people dance and seeing guests interacting when you weren’t there, just to name a few.

But a videographer is not just a photographer with a video camera, and how filming a wedding is approached can differ tremendously from studio to studio or from photographer to photographer.

Our approach is also a little different. We have our own resident videographer, Tom. We often hear about photographers and videographers stepping on each others’ toes at weddings. By working with our own resident videographer, we’re able to co-ordinate better while also collaborating creatively and helping each other out when necessary – no egos here.

This way, our styles remain consistent and couples can look forward to reliving their wedding day over and over and noticing new moments every time they watch it. One thing most couples also agree on is that the entire day goes by so fast – it’s just a blur. Having an artfully edited video of your wedding can help you slow down just a bit and take the time to really enjoy the day with your friends, family and new spouse.

Tom is extremely adept at capturing the candid feeling of the day,
which you’ll be able to see right away in his gallery. We stay away from more home movie-style or corporate-feeling wedding videos, which can sometimes be overly sentimental – and we find that makes them kind of hard to watch. Tom’s videos really convey the mood of the day and feel like little documentary films. Be sure to check out our wedding videographer Tom’s film reels here, and become more familiar with his work!